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Lessons of a pandemic -

for life and leadership

(2 min read)

Humans have been prospering for many decades. We have seen progress in fields of technology, medicine, food production, communication, with increasing investment in greener and sustainable energies, an increase in the global middle class, philanthropists working on poverty reduction and more, one can say leadership, innovation and progress has improved life for many. Until COVID-19! Changed everything.


Right now, everything we know, or think we know is being challenged. How leaders and make choices in the interests of others is being tested. This global pandemic is exposing not-so-subtle truths about our impact on the planet, human liberty, teaching us lessons about work, family, relationships, survival and quality of life, that many of us take for granted.


And even though many global leaders appear to be making the best choices under tremendous pressure and risk, the consequences of these choices will only be examined in the weeks, months and years to follow.


This presentation is not critical examination of the global leadership choices being made.


Who are we to judge!


Their jobs are difficult as it is. However, leadership is a principle. The lessons for leading a family, team or department or large corporation are all fundamentally plagued by the same fundamentals.


  • We are unconsciously incompetent. (We don’t know what we don’t know)
  • Then we are informed of impending dangers, we hesitate and doubt until it’s too late.
  • As humans we are irrational, emotional beings, often choosing decisions that make us popular.
  • We are driven by short term gains at the cost of long term results.
  • We thrive during a crises, because we love solving problems.
  • However we are terrible as preventing them.
  • There is no popularity in a quiet life with no sensationalism.