The Getting Results Approach

of Vereant Pty Ltd

Have you imposed rules & compliance to get your people to “toe the line”.

And then discovered this conundrum:

  • Too little compliance results in chaos or anarchy!
  • Too much compliance leads to bureaucracy that frustrates your best people.

How do you find the “sweet-spot” that exists in Beyond Compliance?

For consistently better results you need more than mere obedience!

Watch the following video to see the impact and consequences of  excessive or too little compliance.

You are the Executive

You are responsible for delivering results!

As you scroll down, do the challenges expressed resonate with you?

Are you looking for real solutions that:

  • Reduce Cost,
  • Increase Revenue and
  • Improve your Team's Performance?

Compliance is intended

to protect us from RISK

I know we need it!

However the side effects include

bureaucracy that stifles

innovation, collaboration and productivity.

Elevating my results requires

a change in Human Behaviour

Culture change projects don’t seem to work!

With the increase in diversity of age, cultures,

races, views and ripened global prejudice,

 the impact is becoming hard to ignore

Our CODE to influence a change in human behaviour

Strategy Execution

should not be so difficult

Designing a strategy is easy.

Implementation is the challenge!

Everyone seems busy with something,

but not the right thing. How can we get

everyone passionately committed about the goal?

Compliance begets more Compliance

It’s like hiring security to watch the security.

Why can we not just trust our people to do the right thing.

Are you tired of micro-managing everything and everyone?

Soft Skills Training Does Not Make Us Real Money

I'd like my team to get along...

But in my experience, happy people do

not translate into productive teams

We need real work done!

Training Programs

Are Ineffective

They all promise ROI but mostly

it’s just an effervescent experience.

Training invariably moves individuals from

unconscious incompetence to awareness.

However, knowledge ALONE does not guarantee

the motivation to action and implementation.

Executive Coaching Has

Become Whining Sessions

Not all coaching programs are created equal.

For coaching to be effective, it should not be

a program but rather your culture.

It should be a component in a larger

framework of change. How?

Mission verses Margin!

To be honest, we're in the

business to make money.

So all the altruistic intentions to change the world is nice, but without sufficient revenue, we’re all out of a job.

Our CODE to influence a change in human behaviour

Change management

is not an initiative!

I want a culture of collaboration,

accountability and making money.

There must be a way to solve this challenge

in a consistent and durable way!

A culture where… Results Matter.

Where do we find the magic code?

problems worth solving

Our CODE to influence a change in human behaviour